Hydro Blasting

SSI is your one stop solution for any hydro blasting, lancing, or cutting needs. Our expert technicians use state of the art hydro blasting equipment to clean almost any industrial surface. Our hydro blasting services include residue removal, concrete and brick restoration, and removing a number of hard scale deposits, sludge, rust, and calcides from the interiors of boilers, tanks, containers, piping, emission tubes, line heaters, condensers and heat exchangers.

SSI's hydro blasting trucks are fully equipped with all the tools necessary for any project. From multiple guns with customized nozzles, to cleaner/degreaser pumps, we have the tools you need to quickly remove grime, grease, dirt and more from any surface. In conjunction with our hydro blasting services, SSI uses Guzzler vacuum systems and vacuum trucks to quickly and efficiently remove waste matter from the job site.

As in every SSI service, safety is the top priority. Our hydro blasting, lancing, and cutting teams use a variety of safety techniques and devices to ensure the job site is safe and secure at all times.


SSI uses lancing techniques to remove even the most stubborn scale deposits from process piping such as evaporator tubes, condensers, boilers, bundles, heat exchanger tubes and more.

We use custom-built pumps to ensure consistent pressure and volume. Our technicians have access to various nozzle types and spray patterns to create the perfect lancing technique for any scenario. For bigger jobs, multiple lancing operators often work side by side, significantly speeding up the process.


SSI uses water jet cutting technology to cut through materials that may be sensitive to the high temperatures generated by conventional cutting methods.

Using a combination of high-pressure water and an abrasive material such as garnet or aluminum oxide, a water jet can provide precise cuts on surfaces that are susceptible to thermal damage. SSI water jet technology is perfect for cutting exact shapes on fragile materials without the risk of breakage or chipping.

Water jet cutting is a safe and highly effective means of cutting through almost any material, including: composites, titanium, glass, brass, steel, aluminum, inconel and stone. SSI also routinely uses water jet technology during fabrication and manufacture of parts for machinery and other devices.