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Our Services

Well Abandonment

Our commitment to innovative well abandonment solutions has made SSI California’s premier provider of safe, efficient and cost-effective well abandonment services. SSI’s approach to safe well abandonment techniques centers around our vision of Zero Incidents by Design (ZID). Eliminating incidents [more]

Transportation Services

SSI’s Transportation Division offers a wide variety of equipment to transport any type of industrial, oilfield, or construction material including soils and liquids. Our fleet includes: Cranes Dry bulk and wet tankers End tippers Sidelifters Forklifts Controlled Waste Carriers Dumps [more]

Storage Containers

SSI can provide a wide variety of temporary storage containers for use on any job site, be it an oilfield, an agricultural setting, or an industrial plant. Our storage and shipping containers are made from durable 14-gauge steel and are [more]

Tank/Vessel Cleaning

SSI provides a full range of tank and vessel cleaning services to a variety of clients in the industrial and agriculture industries. Our highly trained team has the experience necessary to safely and successfully clean tanks located on farms, processing [more]

Sub/Surface Abandonment

SSI offers the complete spectrum of surface and subsurface abandonment services including: Pipeline Abandonment – Pigging, cleaning, cutting, and removal of out of service pipelines. Tank Removal – Remove out of service tanks. Includes lead and asbestos removal. Facilities Abandonment [more]

Recycled Aggregate Supplier

The SSI Aggregate Recycle Division cleans, grades and processes aggregate waste products from the private and public sectors to produce a quality aggregate product for future use. Aggregate created from recycled asphalt and concrete is an excellent source of base [more]

Rathole Drilling

SSI’s rathole drilling services provide an affordable way to prepare drill sites for the placement of a drilling rig. SSI’s rathole drill is much smaller than a large drilling rig, allowing for a quick starting hole (rathole) to be drilled [more]

Pipeline Abandonment

SSI uses a variety of advanced pigging and cleaning techniques to ensure a clean, safe, and effective pipeline abandonment process. Our pipeline abandonment team custom designs specialized pigging and cleaning procedures for each job to ensure cleanliness specifications are met [more]

Land Restoration/Remediation

SSI’s land restoration and remediation team is highly skilled and experienced in returning abandoned industrial sites to productive use. Whether it’s returning a site to its natural state or preparing the area for further development, SSI can complete any restoration [more]

Hydro Excavation

SSI uses advanced hydro excavation techniques as a desirable option when traditional means of digging are deemed unsafe or inefficient. Our self-contained hydro excavation trucks use a pressurized water stream to dig near sensitive structures such as pipelines, phone lines, or fiber [more]

Hydro Blasting

SSI is your one stop solution for any hydro blasting, lancing, or cutting needs. Our expert technicians use state of the art hydro blasting equipment to clean almost any industrial surface. Our hydro blasting services include residue removal, concrete and [more]

Guzzler & Vacuum Truck Support

SSI uses Guzzler industrial vacuums—a powerful and efficient system designed to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials—from solids and dry bulk powders, to liquids, lurries and thick sludge. SSI uses Guzzler because it is the most powerful [more]

Ground Penetrating Radar

The GPR/Line Locating and GPS service line from Sturgeon Services Int. is offered to provide the most comprehensive and technological line locates available to date. The tools included in the GPR/Line Locating service line are radio detection line locators, passive [more]


SSI is a fully licensed California grading contractor. We provide the full spectrum of grading services for clients in the public and private sectors, including residential, commercial, and industrial entities. Our grading team uses top of the line grading machinery [more]

Facilities Abandonment

SSI is one of the premier oilfield facilities abandonment contractors in California. We provide turnkey services for all aspects of facilities abandonment, from cost estimation and permitting all the way to field execution. Our onshore facilities abandonment team has a [more]


When SSI was founded in 1927, our core business was earthwork services. While we’ve broadened our service line considerably since then, we remain one of the premier earthwork and grading companies in California. At SSI, no earthmoving job is too [more]

Drilling & Completion

SSI works closely with our oilfield clients to safely and efficiently place wellbores in the precise position necessary for a successful drill. We use proven motors, rotary steerable drilling tools, heavy-duty drill bits, and environmentally safe drill fluids to ensure [more]


SSI’s demolition division provides the complete spectrum of demolition services with a heightened focus on safety and efficiency. Our concrete demolition services include cutting, core drilling, breaking and removal. We also offer concrete disposal services at our company-owned crushing facility. [more]

Asphalt Paving and Grading

SSI’s Paving Division began in 1997 as a complement to our Construction Division. Our experienced paving professionals (over 15 years average) have the capability to handle everything from the smallest parking lot repairs and improvements to a major highway reconstruction. [more]


SSI’s industrial centrifuges are the ideal choice for continuous separation of dry or moist materials. Our centrifuges are also extremely effective as a liquid/solids separator. SSI’s state of the art centrifuges process vast amounts of fluids to reclaim valuable resources. [more]

Asbestos, Mold & Lead Abatement

SSI is fully licensed to provide a comprehensive range of asbestos abatement and removal services. Our asbestos removal team helps our clients meet their abatement and regulatory obligations in an efficient, cost effective, and timely manner. Our asbestos removal department [more]