Tier I & II Rescue

SSI is home to a highly trained and fully licensed Tier I and Tier II confined space rescue team. Our rescue professionals are available for hire during your facility’s most precarious operation—human entry into a permit-required confined space.

Today, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a rescue team to be available on standby when employees enter a permit-required confined space. Since it’s not feasible for most businesses to have a certified confined space rescue team on staff, they seek out our expertise when an entry is necessary.

Our Tier I and Tier II-certified confined space rescue crews are available for one day or several days. They will arrive at your facility prior to the entry to ensure the space is clear and safe. The team will oversee all aspects of the entry, standing by to react in seconds if one of your employees needs to be rescued.

Our confined space rescue personnel are among the best in the business when it comes to training and experience. They are all certified in first air and CPR, HAZWOPER training, and Tier I & II confined space rescue. Our team will work closely with your crew prior to entry to ensure everyone involved is aware of possible emergency scenarios including engulfment, entrapment, or exposure to flammable gasses or toxic fumes.

If a confined space entry is eminent on your job site, it’s crucial to hire a qualified rescue team.