Hydro Excavation

SSI uses advanced hydro excavation techniques as a desirable option when traditional means of digging are deemed unsafe or inefficient. Our self-contained hydro excavation trucks use a pressurized water stream to dig near sensitive structures such as pipelines, phone lines, or fiber optics. Once the excavation is complete, we use a high-powered Guzzler vacuum to remove standing water and soil into a vacuum truck for storage and removal.

Hydro excavation is viewed throughout the construction industry as a safe, clean, and efficient means of digging. It is precise and non-destructive, making it the preferred method of excavation around fragile or hazardous lines. The SSI hydro excavation team is safety-trained and qualified to perform a wide range of excavation services including potholing and trenching.

Hydro excavation is not only safe and efficient, it is environmentally sound, as well. Since the high-pressure stream is so precise, hydro excavation minimizes the size of the hole, allowing for easier recovery once work is complete. Hydro excavation uses clean water, confines debris to a localized area eliminating runoff, and reduces the possibility of accidents, spills, and most importantly—injuries to humans.