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When SSI was founded in 1927, our core business was earthwork services. While we’ve broadened our service line considerably since then, we remain one of the premier earthwork and grading companies in California. At SSI, no earthmoving job is too big or too small. Whether it’s moving 50 cubic yards or 1 million cubic yards, SSI can complete
it quickly and smoothly.

With advanced heavy machinery and a highly experienced crew, SSI is able to handle earthwork and grading projects of any scope and size. With decades of knowledge passed down through generations of SSI employees, our team is skilled at effectively solving even the most challenging site conditions.

Our engineers and consultants painstakingly review every aspect of the site before even a shovelful of dirt is moved. We analyze soil types, potential safety issues, and site conditions to determine the most efficient ways possible to maximize your site’s potential.

This thorough study of your site makes the construction phase much smoother. Our earthwork crew knows what to expect beforehand, effectively streamlining the earthmoving process. The end result is a safe, professional job performed to your exact specifications.