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Drilling & Completion

SSI works closely with our oilfield clients to safely and efficiently place wellbores in the precise position necessary for a successful drill. We use proven motors, rotary steerable drilling tools, heavy-duty drill bits, and environmentally safe drill fluids to ensure maximum oil production.

Our fleet of drilling equipment includes three fully hydraulic Spiradrill Rigs, two with a drilling depth of 90 feet and one with the capability to drill 120 feet. We also have an EZ-Bore bucket rig that can drill to 80 feet.

SSI uses a variety of well completion techniques to maximize our clients’ return on investment and reduce well operating costs. With a focus on sound risk management and thorough planning, our highly experienced well completion team uses state of the art anchoring and sealing technology to create ideal conduits.

Our drilling equipment can also be used outside of the oilfield industry. Our drilling team is experienced in completing conductor holes for water wells, pipeline support holes, cell towers, light poles, business signs, and seepage pits. Our expert drill rig operators have over a combined 70 years of drilling experience.